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Our Mission

Our mission is to prevent teen suicide through the cultivation of familial, social, and community bonds, fostering an environment of encouraging, open, and supportive dialogue within families.


The Full Story About Us

On May 8, 2020, our family experienced a devastating loss when my 15-year-old nephew took his own life. Witnessing the profound impact of suicide firsthand, I knew I couldn't stand by and watch another family endure the same heartache. In 2021, I founded Mike's Mission, Inc. with the sole purpose of preventing teen suicide.

At Mike's Mission, Inc., we focus on preventing teen suicide by fostering family, social, and community connectedness while promoting positive communication within family dynamics. Suicide is a pressing issue, especially among young people, with staggering statistics highlighting its prevalence. However, it's crucial to recognize that suicide is preventable.


While various programs exist in schools and communities, we believe in tapping into the home environment. What sets our program apart is its inclusivity—it's not just for parents but for entire families. Everyone involved in a teen's care receives the necessary tools to navigate communication positively, ensuring teens feel heard, loved, and supported.

We facilitate family events, basketball tournaments, and other gatherings that encourage connectedness and peer-to-peer interaction among teens. By involving teens in public service through community outreach, we instill a sense of purpose and belonging. Additionally, we offer workshops and training for adult family members to equip them with the skills needed to support teens effectively.

Our mission is to cast a wide net of support, ensuring no more lives are lost to suicide. Together, let's equip ourselves to navigate life's journey and support our teens every step of the way. Stay connected with us by signing up for updates on upcoming events. We encourage you to involve your teen or a teen in your life in our program, and let's work together to make a difference.

                                                                      -Ebené Givan

                                                                                                                        Founder of Mike's Mission

2025 Nonprofit Objectives

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